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Presentations for Program:: Enriching basic and applied botany through multi-stakeholder collaborations

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Thursday, July 30th

Thursday, July 30th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session COL03: Colloquium: Enriching basic and applied botany through multi-stakeholder collaborations
Presiding: Laura Klein, ; Michael Kantar,
COL03001July 30th 10:15 amVirtual/VirtualBack to Canna-basics: investigating Cannabis label fidelityColloquium PresentationsMasalia, Rishi; Klein, Laura.applied botany
population genomics
COL03002July 30th 10:30 amVirtual/VirtualRevealing the dynamics of sunflower domestication with archaeological DNAColloquium PresentationsBlackman, Benjamin.domestication
archaeological DNA
COL03003July 30th 10:45 amVirtual/VirtualPredicting medicinal activity in Chinese magnoliid dicot species using phylogenetic diversityColloquium PresentationsChao , Krystal Shinhuei; Metzgar, Jordan.ethnobotany
magnoliid dicot
phylogenetic diversity
traditional Chinese medicine
COL03004July 30th 11:00 amVirtual/VirtualUsing Genome Skimming to Diagnose Botanical Contamination in a Ugandan Foodborne Illness OutbreakColloquium PresentationsHandy, Sara; Mammel, Mark; Windsor, Amanda; Knolhoff, Ann; Mangrum, Brad; Fong Sam, Jennifer; McFarland, Melinda; Callahan, John; Croley, safety
DNA based identification
genome skimming
COL03005July 30th 11:15 amVirtual/VirtualSeedbanks and herbaria for DNA and other data: understanding underutilised crops for food securityColloquium PresentationsChapman, Mark.crop wild relatives
underutilised crops
food security
COL03006July 30th 11:30 amVirtual/VirtualCrop Wild Relative data in the Germplasm Resources Information NetworkColloquium PresentationsSchori, Melanie; Leon, Blanca; Kittell, Karen.germplasm
crop wild relatives
breeding traits
COL03007July 30th 11:45 amVirtual/VirtualThe interface between Government, Academia and Industry: leveraging basic research for applied questionsColloquium PresentationsOtt, Brittany; Hunter, Elizabeth; Kirk, Riley; Little, Damon; Bertin, Matthew; Literman, Robert; Sarmashghi, Shababeddin; Erickson, David; Bafna, Vineet; Wen, Jun; Handy, Sara.DNA based identification
applied botany
dietary supplements
food safety
COL03008July 30th 12:00 pmVirtual/VirtualCombatting Illegal Logging via Global Collaboration and Innovation in Wood Identification TechnologiesColloquium PresentationsFinch, Kristen; Cronn, Rich; Jones, Andy; Lancaster, Cady; Lebow, Beth.DART TOF Mass Spectrometry
forensic genetics
forensic chemistry
Spanish cedar

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