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Molecular Ecology

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269An integrative perspective of adaptation to different altitudes in the AlpsMolecular EcologySzukala, Aglaia; Frajman, Bozo; Schönswetter, Peter; Paun, Ovidiu.parallel evolution
phenotypic plasticity
polygenic adaptation
592Inconsistent local adaptation despite strong genetic differentiation across a steep elevational gradient in growing season lengthMolecular EcologyEnsing, David; Eckert, Christopher.adaptation
global change
genetc differentiation
flowering phenology
447Integrative imputation-driven meta-analysis of genome-wide and genome-environment association analyses provides insights into genetic control of fitness related traits in trees: Populus trichocarpa as case studyMolecular EcologyCobo, Irene; Herndon, Nic; Staton, Margaret; Grau, Emily; Buehler, Sean; Richter, Peter; Risharde , Ramnath; Demurjian, Charles; Almsaeed, Abdullah; Wegrzyn, Jill.Workflow development
genome-wide association study
Environmental association analyses
Populus trichocarpa
360Natural DNA methylation variation in wild strawberry populations along a climatic gradientMolecular EcologySammarco, Iris; Munzbergova, Zuzana; Latzel, Vit.Epigenetics
DNA methylation
crop wild relatives
Local Adaptation
843Oak drought tolerance traits and climatic niches determine their transcriptomic responses to leaf dryingMolecular EcologyMead, Alayna; Medeiros, Camila; Sack, Lawren; Sork, Victoria .Quercus
Gene expression
parallel evolution
193The strength and pattern of natural selection on rice gene expressionMolecular EcologyGroen, Simon; Calic, Irina; Joly-Lopez, Zoe; Choi, Jae Young; Franks, Steven; Purugganan, Michael.Natural Selection
Gene expression
Abiotic stress
349Variation in floral traits across taxonomic and geographic scales as a model for species divergence in CastillejaMolecular EcologyWenzell, Katherine; McDonnell, Angela; Fant, Jeremie; Skogen, Krissa.polymorphic traits
geographic cline
species boundaries
instraspecific variation
gene flow
Natural Selection

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