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For From Genes to Distributions: physiological ecology as an integrator of polyploid biology

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Anneberg, Thomas (1 Abstract)
Ashman, Tia-Lynn (1 Abstract)
Augustine, Steven (1 Abstract)
Barrington, David (1 Abstract)
Bonnette, Jason (1 Abstract)
Castillo Argaez, Raiza (1 Abstract)
Cronn, Richard (1 Abstract)
Givnish, Thomas (1 Abstract)
Jiang, Guo-Feng (1 Abstract)
John , Grace P (1 Abstract)
Juenger, Thomas (1 Abstract)
Krieg, Christopher (1 Abstract)
Liston, Aaron (1 Abstract)
McQueen, Alice (1 Abstract)
Roddy, Adam (1 Abstract)
Segraves, Kari (1 Abstract)
Simonin , Kevin A (1 Abstract)
Southgate, Morgan (1 Abstract)
Theroux-Rancourt, Guillaume (1 Abstract)
Wei, Na (1 Abstract)
Zhang, Li (1 Abstract)

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