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Enriching basic and applied botany through multi-stakeholder collaborations

Puente-Lelievre, Caroline [1].

Enriching basic and applied botany through multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Species identification is essential not only in traditional taxonomy but also in a broad range of scientific areas that range from phylogenetics, conservation, ethnobotany to forensics, agriculture, biochemistry, and food safety. As novel and technologically advanced methods emerge and expedite the progress of botanical research, we are able to implement a wide variety of techniques to solve more practical questions regarding biodiversity and species identification in ways we could not achieve before. Along with this progress, botanical expertise has become increasingly relevant to address everyday problems (eg. food fraud, illegal logging, ethno-medicine and pharmaceutics, etc.) since they rely on accurate plant species identification. This colloquium will integrate basic and applied research from a variety of fields that incorporate the study of plants as a key component, and will highlight the importance of botanical knowledge to address ongoing issues in our society. We intend to engage and bring together participants from various scientific institutions from academic, government and private agencies, and to create opportunities for future collaborations. We welcome talks that encourage successful collaborations between academic and non-academic institutions and feature alternative career paths in which botanical expertise is needed and valuable.

1 - Gaudissard, Molines En Queyras, 05, 05350, France

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Presentation Type: Colloquium Presentations
Session: COL03, Enriching basic and applied botany through multi-stakeholder collaborations
Location: Virtual/Virtual
Date: Thursday, July 30th, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM
Number: COL03SUM
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