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Boss, Shawn [1], Chang, Tien-Hao [2], Bashaw, Benjamin [3], Lamey, Lyndsay [4], Roy, Tilottama [5].

Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Temperate North American False Foxgloves (Agalinis sp.; Family: Orobanchaceae).

The genus Agalinis (the “false foxgloves”), belonging to the family Orobanchaceae, is native to the Western Hemisphere, with around 40 species distributed across temperate North America, and a large group native to Missouri and the Midwestern United states. About 21 species of this genus warrant conservation measures. We utilized chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal ITS DNA sequence data and bioinformatics tools to further understand the phylogenetic relationships among the different species, taxonomical sections, and subsections within this group. Our study corroborates to previous studies and indicates the North American Agalinis to be a strongly supported monophyletic group. Our study is also the first to investigate the biogeography of this genus in temperate North America, particularly focusing on the Missouri native species. We utilized the computer programs BEAST and SDIVA and, through secondary calibrations from previous studies, tried to understand the diversification timings and ancestral areas of this group. Our study points to South Eastern United States as the center of diversity and place of origin of the Agalinis in temperate North America, from which they spread to the rest of the United States and even migrated to Canada, around the mid-Miocene period.

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3 - 8713 Stearns Ave, Overland Park, KS, 66214, United States
4 - Missouri Western State University, 4525 Downs Drive, St. Joseph, MO, 64507, USA
5 - Missouri Western State University, 4525 DOWNS DRIVE, 4525 DOWNS DRIVE, SAINT JOSEPH, MO, 64507, United States

False Foxgloves
lineage diversification.

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