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Bryology and Lichenology

Scharnagl, Klara [1].

Patterns of epiphytic lichen diversity from tropical rainforests to the boreal.

With increased digitization of herbarium specimen data and occurrence records, we are beginning to understand biogeographical patterns of lichen diversity. However, given that we are still uncovering new lichen species, and that lichens respond to subtle changes in microclimate, there is still much insight to be gained from on-the-ground research. Few studies, in lichens or other systems, have sought to make a direct comparison across latitudes using a systematic field sampling approach. In this study, we surveyed epiphytic lichen diversity on one hundred individual trees at each of nine forest sites from 11 degrees south in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest to 61 degrees north in the boreal forest in the Northwest Territories of Canada. We found a latitudinal gradient in species richness, beta diversity, and functional diversity, though growth form shows a stronger pattern than reproductive mode. Lichen richness does correlate strongly with host tree richness, but host specificity patterns differed across sites. Finally, we present some preliminary data on the specificity of partners within the lichen symbiosis itself using ITS sequences of both the fungal and the algal partners.

1 - The Sainsbury Laboratory, Talbot Group, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7UH, UK

latitudinal diversity gradient.

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Session: BL2, Bryology/Lichenology Combined II
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Date: Thursday, July 30th, 2020
Time: 12:45 PM
Number: BL2002
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