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Anatomy and Morphology

Phuong Pham , Michelle Ann [1], Cohen, Jim [2], Ryan, Gillian [3].

Investigating the Comparative Anatomy of Lithospermum Through an Evolutionary Lens.

Lithospermum is a plant genus of the family Boraginaceae that includes approximately 80 species exhibiting immense structural diversity. Certain morphological features in Lithospermum, such as long funnelform corollas and leaves with evident secondary veins, have evolved independently multiple times. While some characteristics look similar morphologically, they have not been critically investigated anatomically. To explore these features, we examined seven species of Lithospermum from a qualitative aspect through the use of different staining techniques on fixed sections of flowers, stems, and leaves. Tissue samples were embedded in paraffin wax, sectioned with a rotary microtome, and stained using various protocols for cell wall and nuclei, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein identification. Light microscopy was then employed to critically examine these sections, and confocal microscopy was used to collect three-dimensional images of samples. Image analysis revealed that different floral epidermal cell shapes were present across species, often with variation in cell shape observed at different heights of the corolla. We also observed diverse pollen sizes and shapes, such as spherical, dumbbell, and ovoid within the genus. Furthermore, floral glands were present in four of the seven species examined. The presence of floral glands may be associated with attracting pollinators, and further research is needed not only to understand the function of floral glands but also to explore greater anatomical diversity across species of the genus. This research allows for a better understanding of structural diversity of Lithospermum and the utility of the genus as a model for studies of the evolution of plant anatomy. 

1 - University of California, Los Angeles, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, 619 Charles E Young Dr E, Los Angeles, CA, 90024, USA
2 - Kettering University, 1700 University Ave., Flint, MI, 48503.0, United States
3 - Carnegie Mellon University , Physics, 5000 Forbes Avenue, , Pittsburgh, PA, 15213, USA

epidermal cell
floral gland

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