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Pradhan, Bijaya [1], Hunter, Carter [2], Nelson, Dillon  [1], Nepal, Madhav [2].

Genome-wide Identification of WRKY Genes in Amborella trichopoda  Bail.  (Amborellaceae).

The WRKY transcription factors are DNA-binding proteins with a WRKY domain on their amino acid sequences. These transcrption factors (TFs) are involved in regulating abiotic and biotic stresses in plants. As the WRKY TFs have been identified  in a limited number of plant species, and are yet to be identified in Amborella tricopda, which represents the most basal group of Angiosperms. The major objectives of this reserach were to conduct genome-wide identification of WRKY TF-encoding genes in A. trichopoda and assess their orthologs in other plants representing various clades of Angiosperms. We used in-silico method where 80 WRKYs of Arabidopsis were used as the reference sequences in search of  WRKY homologs in Amborella. After removal of the duplicates, a reiterative Hidden Markov Model profiling at stringency of 0.001 was used. Phylogenetic analysis using using Maximum Likelihood was performed. Altogether, 42 AmTrWRKY genes were identified. We followed Arabdopsis WRKY gene nomenclature model in naming WRKY genes in Amborella. The AmTr WRKY genes were classified into three main groups and seven subgroups. The clustering patterns were like in Arabidopsis with one exception. AmTrWRKY 45 belongs to Group IIc while its ortholog in Arabidopsis belongs to Group I. Comparison of the Amborella WRKY genes with other plant species is under progress and will be discussed in our presentation. This study represents the first genome-wide identification of the WRKY gene family in Amborella and will provide baseline data for the comparative study involving other flowering plants.

1 - South Dakota State University, Biology and Microbiology, McFadden Biostress Laboratory, Room 213, Brookings, SD, 57007, United States
2 - South Dakota State University, Biology And Microbiology, McFadden Biostress Laboratory, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD, 57007, United States

Transcription Factors 
Basal Angiosperm
Genome-wide analysis
Phylogenetic analysis.

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Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
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