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Functional Genetics/Genomics

Dowling, Caroline [1], Schilling, Susanne [1], Shi, Jiaqi [1], McCabe, Paul [1], Melzer, Rainer [1].

Timing is everything: Towards elucidating the genetic control of flowering time in Cannabis sativa.

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is an extremely versatile crop with a multitude of applications including fiber, oil, building materials, and textile production. Thus, hemp is an ideal crop for a future low-carbon economy. Furthermore, cannabidiol (CBD), which is synthesized in female flowers, is hypothesized to have significant medicinal uses. However, as some Cannabis strains with high drug (THC) contents can be used for illicit purposes, up until recently the cultivation of hemp was banned in many countries throughout the world. Consequently, a significant knowledge gap exists for this crop, with developmental and genetic studies on hemp remaining in their infancy, lagging behind virtually every other modern crop. Flowering time variation in hemp is of considerable agricultural importance. An improved understanding of flowering time regulation would enable the breeding of hemp varieties which are better adapted to local conditions and tailored to the purpose of the crop. Here, we present preliminary data on the genetic control of photoperiod insensitive flowering in hemp. We are employing comparative genomics and quantitative trait loci mapping to reveal genes controlling flowering time in economically important hemp cultivars. This research is an important step towards elucidating the flowering time network of this fascinating crop, while also furthering its integration into modern 21st-century agriculture.

1 - University College Dublin, School of Biology and Environmental Science, Science Centre West, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Cannabis sativa
QTL analysis.

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Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
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