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Jones, Mackenzie G. [1], Bogle, Aubrie J. [1], Smalley, Sam [1], Dodge, Reagan [1], Nix, Madeleine [1], Egan, Ashley N. [1].

A new record of Pueraria bella  (Fabaceae) in China enables the morphological and phylogenetic placement of an enigmatic and rare species.

Pueraria bella is a rare legume found in Southeast Asia. A few years ago, just the sixth known collection of P. bella was found in China. Because of its rarity and a lack of sufficient morphological material on known specimens, the definitive taxonomic position of P. bella has been uncertain. Previous botanists proposed various placements for the plant: Lackey (1977) hypothesized that P. bella would be best placed outside Pueraria  with Teyleria stricta and that P.bella is allied to Neonotonia or Shuteria, whereas Van der Maesen (1985) asserted that P. bella belongs to the main grouping of Pueraria. The recent collection from China has allowed molecular testing of these hypotheses. DNA sequences for three separate gene regions (matK, trnD-trnT, and AS2) were collected and added to previously published sequences of Pueraria and allied genera, including Teyleria, Neonotonia, and Shuteria. Phylogenetic analyses using maximum likelihood definitively placed Pueraria bella within the Pueraria clade with strong bootstrap confidence. The relationship of P.bella to other species within the clade, however, is less resolved and has lower support values. Nevertheless, this data supports the hypothesis of Van der Maesen that P. bella is best grouped with Pueraria.

1 - Utah Valley University , Department of Biology, 800 W University Pkwy, Orem, Utah, 84058, USA


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