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Thorhaug, Anitra [1], Schwarz, Arthur [2], Belaire, Charlie [3], Verduin, Jennifer [4], Kiswara, Wawan  [5], Prathep, Anchana  [6].

Longevity of Restored Seagrass in Tropical/ Subtropical Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

Multiple seagrass restoration results from three various tropical and subtropical oceans at 83 sites and over three million units planted into over 306.3 ha demonstrate longevity up to 47 years in well-restored, well-sited seagrass. This includes approximately 11.3% of the total restored seagrass globally from review of Van Katwijk et al (2016). Seagrass is losing 7% /yr of stock. Anthropogenic impacts were ongoing in many of the various restored estuaries, which in some trials degraded individual restorations. The prime example was Texas estuaries in which a million and a half planted units were planted into 163.8 ha. Almost all projects persisted since planting inception, except several with harsh anthropogenic impact post-planting. This review clearly creates a longevity demonstration of tropical/subtropical seagrass restoration when expertly planted in a well-chosen site. The older examples in Atlantic tropics/subtropics of Florida, Texas, and Jamaica, along with the more recent examples in Australia and Indonesia show longevity since the planting inception.  This review may help provide an informational background for government resource managers, legislators, scientists, and citizens on tropical/subtropical seagrass longevity to substantiate future investments in seagrass restoration efforts, using these long-observed projects as examples. The missing element in returning this valuable seagrass resources to the citizens is political will for funding. Funding of seagrasses have generally been subject to an irrational bias in favor of marshes, mangroves, or coral reefs in Ecosystem Preserves programs. Seagrasses offer equivalent, valuable sets of services compared to those of mangroves or marshes while frequently forming an important link between these shoreline habitats and offshore corals in the tropics.

1 - Yale University, 1359 SW 22 Terrace, Miami, FL, 33145.0, United States
2 - Southwestern Adventist University, Biological Sciences, 100 W Hillcrest, Keene, TX, 76059, United States
3 - Belaire consulting, 1217 Business Hwy 35 S, Rockport, TX, 78382, USA
4 - Murdoch University, Dept Marine Sciences, 90 South Street, Perth, 6150, Australia
5 - Indonesian Institute of Sciences , Centre for Oceanography, Jl. Amonia F – 10 , Beji Timur , Depok, 16422, Indonesia
6 - Excellence Center for Biodiversity of Peninsular Thailand, Prince of S, Seaweed and Seagrass Research Unit, Hat Yai, Songkhla, 90112, Thailand

Seagrass longevity
Tropical seagrass  longevity
Tropical seagrass restoration
Enhalus acoroides
Indian, Pacific, Atlantic tropical seagrass .

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Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
Time: 1:15 PM
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