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Hybrids and Hybridization

Sánchez, Enmily [1], Zweck, Justin [2], Moreno, Mauro [3], Peña, Paola [4], Oleas, Nora [5].

Genetic evidence of natural hybridization between Stenomesson aurantiacum and Phaedranassa dubia (Amaryllidaceae).

Hybridization is a natural process that occurs when individuals from two different populations interbreed and exchange genetic material. This process is not rare, and it has led to speciation in different plant groups. However, there are few reports of hybridization between genera. Reproductive biology evidence suggests that Stenomesson aurantiacum and Phaedranassa dubia (Amaryllidaceae) hybridize naturally in Pululahua crater in northern Ecuador. The aim of our study is to gather genetic evidence of hybridization between both genera. We collected 30 individuals per species, transplanted them in a greenhouse and manually hand pollinate them. We crossed individuals of the same species and between genera. We extracted DNA from 24 seedlings per treatment. We could amplified ten out of eleven microsatellite primers tested. Our results are expected to provide with a better understanding of natural hybridization between these two genera.

1 - Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica, Ingeniería Biodiversidad y Recursos Genéticos, Machala y Sabanilla, Quito, Ecuador
2 - UM Duluth, Biology, 207 SSB, 1035 Kirby Dr, Duluth, MN, 55805, United States
3 - Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica
4 - Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica, Maestría en Biodiversidad y Cambio Climático, Machala y Sabanilla, Quito, Ecuador
5 - Universidad Tecnologica Indoamerica, Machala Y Sabanilla, Quito, 170301, Ecuador


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