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Functional Genetics/Genomics

Singh, Baljeet [1], Bhardwaj, Vinay [2], Umesh, Goutam [1].

Mining of useful natural variations through SNP based GWAS in crop plants.

Natural biodiversity in the germplasm of various food crops is a sustainable resource that can be used to improve the yield, quality and stress tolerance of cultivated plants. The natural variants of crops possess beneficial genetic variations that can be used to enrich the genetic basis of cultivated crop plants. Previous reports suggest that wild relatives and landraces of modern food crops exhibit high levels of biotic and abiotic stress tolerance. Nowadays, availability of complete genome sequences, advance high-throughput sequencing technologies and highly efficient bioinformatics tools have set a solid platform to decipher the genetic basis associated with a complex phenotypic trait. Linkage disequilibrium based genome-wide association studies (GWAS) has emerged is a promising tool, which involves the analysis of genetic variants across the genomes of a diverse population to identify marker-trait associations and to study the trait architecture. GWAS based marker-trait associations for several different traits have been identified in major food crops. These genotype-phenotype associations can prove fruitful for crop improvement. However, before incorporating them into the breeding programs, their functionality must be validated. Here, we first discuss the significance of population used for GWAS, then briefly describe the genotyping strategies. Then we review the advantages and limitations of GWAS in crop plants and offer a perspective on crop improvement with the help of GWAS. This review will be helpful for the effective utilization of highly diverse germplasms and for the development of crop improvement programs employing marker-trait associations.

1 - Lovely professional university, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, Cheru,GT Road, Phawara, Phawara, Punjab, 144411, India
2 - Central Potato Research Institute, Crop Improvement, Bemloe, Shimla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171001, India

Genetic variations

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Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
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