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Biodiversity Research Collecting Is More Important Than Ever—Ushering in a Collecting Renaissance

Feist, Mary Ann [1].

Strategically Targeting Under-Collected Areas to Increase Our Understanding of Species Status and Distribution at a State-wide Level.

Botanical Forays are a means to target a part of a state that is known to be under-collected.  Under-collected areas are those where it is presumed that there are more species present than have been vouchered (i.e. have specimens present in an herbarium).  With the rise in the digitization of collections, it is now possible to map the number and location of specimens and determine which counties or regions in a state may be under-collected.  Botanical Forays can then be held and a concentrated effort can be made to collect specimens and thus increase our knowledge of the status and distribution of the plants in those areas.  Botanical Forays, as defined here, are three to five-day events that bring together both amateur and professional botanists to collect voucher specimens in an under-collected part of a state.  This event not only increases plant collections in a meaningful way, but also brings together plant enthusiasts from many different backgrounds for a weekend of botanizing, networking, and socializing (e.g., singing around the campfire).  In addition to providing new county or state records, Botanical Forays provide recent collections of species that might not have been documented in an area for many years and can also lead to the discovery of new populations of rare species.  Botanical Forays have been held by herbaria and/or native plant societies in Washington and Idaho for many years and just recently in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin State Herbarium, in conjunction with the Botanical Club of Wisconsin, has held two Forays thus far and collected more than 3600 voucher specimens, including duplicates which will be distributed to other herbaria throughout the state.  Lastly, Botanical Forays can be used as a training opportunity for the next generation of botanists and provide information that can assist state and federal agencies with their conservation and management practices

1 - The Wisconsin State Herbarium, Department Of Botany, 430 Lincoln Dr., Madison, WI, 53706.0, United States

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Session: SY2, Biodiversity Research Collecting Is More Important Than Ever—Ushering in a Collecting Renaissance
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Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM
Number: SY2009
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