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Presentations for Program:: Macroevolution

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Tuesday, July 28th

Tuesday, July 28th, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session MACRO1: Contributed Papers: Macroevolution I
Presiding: Diana Jolles, Plymouth State University; Jesus Martinez-Gomez, Cornell University
MACRO1001July 28th 3:00 pmVirtual/VirtualPositive selection on a functional motif predicts two independent origins of homospermidine synthase and pyrrolizidine alkaloids in ApocynaceaeOral PaperSmith, Chelsea R.; Teisher, Jordan; Moore, Abigail; Straub, Shannon; Livshultz, Tatyana.Apocynaceae
pyrrolizidine alkaloids
Gene Duplication
signatures of selection
chemical defense
specialized metabolism
metabolic pathway
enzyme evolution
MACRO1002July 28th 3:15 pmVirtual/VirtualWhere do umbels come from? Incorporating prior information of developmental genetics in trait evolution with the threshold model to generate more realistic models of morphological evolutionOral PaperMartinez-Gomez, Jesus ; Rose , Irving Jason; Freyman, William; Specht, Chelsea.inflorescence
Threshold Model
ancestral state reconstruction
phylogenetic comparative methods
statistical phylogenetics
MACRO1003July 28th 3:30 pmVirtual/VirtualThe impact of polyploidy and habitat preferences on fern diversificationOral PaperRamirez-Barahona, Santiago; Sessa, Emily ; Zenil-Ferguson, Rosana; Zenil-Ferguson, Rosana.polyploidy
SSE models
MACRO1004July 28th 3:45 pmVirtual/VirtualResource partitioning among co-occurring buzz pollinated species in New EnglandOral PaperCurran, Bridget; Jolles,
New England
Pollination syndrome
MACRO1005July 28th 4:00 pmVirtual/VirtualFunctional diversity, transference of function, and complexity in vascular plant reproductive structuresOral PaperLeslie, Andrew; Mander, Luke.complexity
vascular plants
reproductive biology
reproductive morphology

Wednesday, July 29th

Wednesday, July 29th, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session P: Contributed Posters: Macroevolution Posters
PMC001July 29th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualUncertainty of climatic classification systems: Transitional zones and its influence in evolutionary studies Poster: MacroevolutionCoca, Marina; Valcarcel, Virginia; Garcia, Nagore.evolution
Transitional zones
PMC002July 29th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualEvolution of converging flower morphologies in Antillean Gesneriaceae associated with multiple pollination syndromesPoster: MacroevolutionLemenager, Marion; Clark, John L.; Martén-Rodríguez, Silvana; Almarales-Castro, Abel; Joly, Simon.morphology
Specialist pollination systems
Generalist pollination systems
Shape evolution
PMC003July 29th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualDiversification in the Rosales at multiple taxonomic levels influenced by dispersal, geographic range size, and pre-existing species richnessPoster: MacroevolutionSimpson, Andrew.Diversification
seed dispersal
Species selection
Clade election
PMC004July 29th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualThe relative importance of pollination and climate on floral morphology in the genus SilenePoster: MacroevolutionMiladin, Jenna; Steven, Janet; Collar, David.macroevolution

Thursday, July 30th

Thursday, July 30th, 10:00 am to 11:30 am · Virtual/Virtual
Session MACRO2: Contributed Papers: Macroevolution II
Presiding: Diana Jolles, Plymouth State University; Marion Lemenager, Institut de recherche en biologie vegetale
MACRO2001July 30th 10:00 amVirtual/VirtualIndependent evolution of ab-and adaxial stomatal density enables adaptationOral PaperMuir, Christopher.adaptation
correlated evolution
developmental constraint
phylogenetic comparative methods
quantitative genetics
stomatal ratio
MACRO2002July 30th 10:15 amVirtual/VirtualPhylogenetic patterns of trait evolution in Thalictrum: the role of integration, timing and interdependence in lineage diversificationOral PaperZenil-Ferguson, Rosana; Zenil-Ferguson, Rosana; Di Stilio, Veronica.SSE
phylogenetic comparative methods
sexual system
pollination mode
wind pollination
MACRO2003July 30th 10:30 amVirtual/VirtualImmigrants prevail: lessons from dating the Afroalpine floraOral PaperKandziora, Martha; Gehrke, Berit; Popp, Magnus; Gizaw Seid, Abel; Brochmann, Christian; Pirie, Michael D..tropical alpine
molecular dating
MACRO2004July 30th 10:45 amVirtual/VirtualDiversification dynamics of the temperate Australian flora, maintenance of species diversity and radiationsOral PaperNge , Francis Jason.macroevolution
Evolutionary radiation
Australian flora
MACRO2005July 30th 11:00 amVirtual/VirtualEvolution and intraspecific variation of corolla morphologies in association with pollination strategiesOral PaperLemenager, Marion; Clark, John L.; Martén-Rodríguez, Silvana; Almarales-Castro, Abel; Joly, Simon.morphology
Generalist pollination systems
instraspecific variation
Shape evolution
Specialist pollination systems
MACRO2006July 30th 11:15 amVirtual/VirtualPaleoendemics and the extinction conundrum: past performance is not a good predictor of future performanceOral PaperLarcombe , Matthew James; Jordan, Gregory; Higgins, Steven, I.Paleoendemics 
climate change
ecological niche modelling

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