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Wednesday, July 29th

Wednesday, July 29th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session REP1: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 1
Presiding: Asawari Albal, University of Toronto Mississauga; Dorothy Christopher, University Of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
REP1001July 29th 10:00 amVirtual/VirtualPollination, paternity and Bateman's principle in a hermaphroditic plantOral PaperKarron, Jeffrey; Christopher, Dorothy; Christopher, Dorothy; Semski, Wendy; Trapnell, Dorset; Trapnell, Dorset; Smallwood , Patrick Alan; Mitchell, Randall.male fitness
reproductive success
REP1002July 29th 10:15 amVirtual/VirtualIndividual flowering schedules and floral display size in monkeyflower: a common garden studyOral PaperSemski, Wendy; Mitchell, Randall; Karron, Jeffrey.flowering phenology
Floral display
REP1003July 29th 10:30 amVirtual/VirtualSexual dimorphism, inter-island evolutionary divergence, and diel variation in floral volatiles of wind-pollinated Schiedea globosa (Caryophyllaceae)Oral PaperPowers, John; Sakai, Ann; Weller, Stephen; Campbell, Diane.floral volatiles
Island radiation
sexual dimorphism
genetic distance
scent chemistry
wind pollination
REP1004July 29th 10:45 amVirtual/VirtualIs self-pollen interference driving the evolution of gynodioecy in European chestnut?Oral PaperLARUE, Clement; BASSET, Gaelle; LEPAIS, Olivier; PETIT, Remy.Castanea sativa
insect pollination
Ovule discounting
Late-acting self-incompatibility
Pollen limitation
Emasculation experiment
REP1005July 29th 11:00 amVirtual/VirtualEvolution of cleistogamy is strongly associated with zygomorphy in flowering plantsOral PaperJoly, Simon; Schoen, Daniel.plant reproduction
mating system
flower symmetry
floral evolution
REP1006July 29th 11:15 amVirtual/VirtualSelf-fertilization is not always a dead end: the evolution of outcrossing species in a selfing cladeOral PaperAbdelaziz, Mohamed; Muñoz-Pajares, A. Jesús; Bakkali, Mohammed.Outcrossing evolution
REP1007July 29th 11:30 amVirtual/VirtualCandidate-based discovery of self-incompatibility across eudicotsOral PaperIgić, Boris; Igić, Boris; Igić, Boris; Igić, Boris; Ramanauskas, Karolis.self-incompatibility
Breeding System
REP1008July 29th 11:45 amVirtual/VirtualWhat drives floral gender expression? Example from an andromonoecious spiderwort Murdannia simplex (Commelinaceae)Oral PaperAlbal, Asawari; G, Azad; Shrotri, Saket; GOWDA, VINITA.andromonoecy
pollinator preference
Wednesday, July 29th, 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session REP2: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 2
Presiding: Bronwyn Ayre, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; Avery Pearson, The College of Wooster
REP2001July 29th 12:30 pmVirtual/VirtualIndependent bees working together: Male fitness of prairie perennial Echinacea angustifolia is more influenced by cumulative bee visitation than by any individual speciesOral PaperPearson, Avery; Nicole Incarnato , Miyauna Monique; Johnson, Ren; Stevens, Mia; Ison, Jennifer.pollination
Echinacea angustifolia
plant-pollinator interactions
reproductive ecology
male fitness
tallgrass prairie
native bees
REP2002July 29th 12:45 pmVirtual/VirtualPopulation selfing rates vary with floral display size and pollinator activity in natural populations of monkeyflowerOral PaperChristopher, Dorothy; Christopher, Dorothy; Karron, Jeffrey; Trapnell, Dorset; Trapnell, Dorset; Mitchell, Randall.selfing
mating system
REP2003July 29th 1:00 pmVirtual/VirtualFloral colour diversity on the mountainous island of Taiwan reveals phylogenetic clustering and selective filtering due to bee preferencesOral PaperTai, King-Chun; Shrestha, Mani; Dyer, Adrian G.; Yang, En-Cheng; Wang, Chun-Neng.Flower color assembly
bee vision
floral color diversity
elevational gradient
character displacement
phylogenetic signal
REP2004July 29th 1:15 pmVirtual/VirtualPollen dispensing schedules in buzz-pollinated plants: Comparing species with contrasting floral morphologiesOral PaperKemp, Jurene; Vallejo-Marin, Mario.pollination
pollen presentation theory
REP2005July 29th 1:30 pmVirtual/VirtualBees are inefficient pollinators in cloud forests - investigating pollinator shifts in neotropical MelastomataceaeOral PaperDellinger, Agnes; Pérez-Barrales, Rocío; Fernández-Fernández, Diana; Schönenberger, Jürg.Andes
pollen presentation theory
stamen morphology
REP2006July 29th 1:45 pmVirtual/VirtualThree options are better than two: complementary nature of different pollination modes in Salix capreaOral PaperOhashi, Kazuharu; Jürgens, Andreas.anemophily
diurnal pollinators
generalized pollination systems
nocturnal pollinators
reproductive assurance
local mating environment
REP2007July 29th 2:00 pmVirtual/VirtualDoes pollinator preference and flower traits affect reproduction in co-flowering species?Oral PaperPerez-Barrales, Rocio; Sa, Tulio; Matias, Rapahel; Rodrigues, Ebenezer; Consolaro , Hélder; Cardoso de Castro, Cibele.pollination
reproductive biology
Flower morphology
flowering phenology
REP2008July 29th 2:15 pmVirtual/VirtualImpact of introduced western honeybees on native plantsOral PaperAyre, Bronwyn; Krauss, Siegy.

Thursday, July 30th

Thursday, July 30th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session REP3: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 3
Presiding: Adriana Aranda-Rickert, CRILAR-CONICET; Jannice Friedman, Queen's University; Yuval Sapir, Tel Aviv University
REP3001July 30th 10:00 amVirtual/VirtualDo plants pick their partners post-pollination: Investigating mate preferences and non-random mating in the monkeyflower Mimulus guttatusOral PaperFriedman, Jannice; Leydet, Karine.sexual selection
female choice
male competition
pollen tubes
REP3002July 30th 10:15 amVirtual/VirtualThe role of multiple reproductive barriers: Strong post-pollination interactions govern cytotype isolation in the tetraploid-octoploid Gladiolus communis contact zoneOral PaperCastro, Mariana; Husband, Brian; Loureiro, Joao; Castro, zone
gametic barriers
Gladiolus communis
pollen load composition
pollinator preference
unreduced gametes
REP3003July 30th 10:30 amVirtual/VirtualGametophytic selection and selective embryo abortion in Mimulus guttatusOral PaperDe Lima Berg , Karla; Schwoch, Jaime; Cruzan, Mitchell.developmental selection
gametophytic selection
selective embryo abortion
segregation distortion
REP3004July 30th 10:45 amVirtual/VirtualSequence variation in histidine-domain arabinogalactan proteins (HD-AGPs) generates interspecifc prezygotic mating barriers among the core eudicotsOral PaperSingh-Cundy, Anu.gene flow barriers
reproductive isolation
pistil proteins
arabinogalactan proteins
gene family evolution
Pollen performance
REP3005July 30th 11:00 amVirtual/VirtualPollen-pistil interactions in reproductive interferenceOral PaperNishida, Sachiko; Hashimoto, Yusuke; Yamamoto, Akane; Kanaoka, Masahiro; Naiki, Akiyo; Takakura, Ko-Ichi.heterospecific pollen transfer
reproductive interference
REP3006July 30th 11:15 amVirtual/VirtualWhat maintains flower colour variation within populations?Oral PaperSapir, Yuval; Gallagher, Megan.plant-pollinator interactions
pollinator-mediated selection
phenotypic variation
mutation-selection balance
random processes
REP3007July 30th 11:30 amVirtual/VirtualReproductive biology of South American EphedraOral PaperAranda-Rickert, Adriana; Brizuela, Maria Magdalena; Torréns, Javier; Di Stilio, Veronica.insect pollination
pollination drop
ant pollination
Thursday, July 30th, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session REP4: Contributed Papers: Reproductive Processes 4
Presiding: Johanne Brunet, USDA-ARS VCRU; Rebecca Humphrey, Aquinas College
REP4001July 30th 3:00 pmVirtual/VirtualPhenotypic selection on flower color and floral display size by three bee speciesOral PaperBrunet, Johanne; Flick, Andrew; Bauer, Austin.Flower color
Floral display
bumble bee
Honey bee
Leafcutting bee
Phenotypic selection
REP4002July 30th 3:15 pmVirtual/VirtualAre flowers tuned at the frequency of pollinators? Stamen resonance and bee buzzing frequencies in Solanum with contrasting floral morphologiesOral PaperNunes, Carlos E. P.; Nevard, Lucy; Montealegre-Zapata, Fernando; Vallejo-Marín, Mario.biomechanics
Morphologic diversity
REP4003July 30th 3:30 pmVirtual/VirtualPlasticity of floral longevity in Sabatia angularis (Gentianaceae): tracking the optimum under different pollination ratesOral PaperOstrowski, Susanna; Spigler, Rachel.floral longevity
fitness gain curves
floral costs
plant reproduction
pollination biology
resource allocation
REP4004July 30th 3:45 pmVirtual/VirtualDifferential tolerance to increasing heterospecific pollen deposition in two sympatric species of Burmeistera H. Karst. & Triana (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae)Oral PaperMoreira Hernandez, Juan; Terzich, Nicholas; Zambrano-Cevallos, Ricardo; Oleas, Nora; Muchhala, Nathan.bat pollination
heterospecific pollen transfer
reproductive success
reproductive interference
reproductive isolation
post-pollination processes
pollination competition
REP4005July 30th 4:00 pmVirtual/VirtualRelationship between pollen aperture number, germination rate, and pollen-tube growth in the pollen-heteromorphic Thalictrum thalictroides (Ranunculaceae)Oral PaperHumphrey, Rebecca; Graham, Spencer.Thalictrum
pollen heteromorphism
pollen tubes
pollen germination
pollen aperture number
REP4006July 30th 4:15 pmVirtual/VirtualPollination effectiveness in a generalist plant: adding the genetic componentOral PaperValverde, Javier; Perfectti, Francisco; Gómez, José aría.Generalist pollination systems
Diversity of sires
Erysimum mediohispanicum
Pollination effectiveness
REP4007July 30th 4:30 pmVirtual/VirtualThe Long Stems Characteristic of Bat-Pollinated Flowers Greatly Reduce Bat Search Times while ForagingOral PaperMuchhala, Nathan; Moreira Hernandez, Juan; Zuluaga Trochez, Alejandro.pollination
Thursday, July 30th, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session P: Contributed Posters: Reproductive Processes Posters
PRP001July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualPost-pollination processes in a dioecious wind-pollinated plantPoster: Reproductive ProcessesEberl, Emma; Friedman, Jannice.wind pollination
post-pollination processes
stigma length
stigma pigmentation
pollen tubes
pollen germination
sexual selection
PRP002July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualFruit maturation, cross pollination, and water stress promote male flower production in andromonoecious Polanisia dodecandra subsp. riograndensis (Cleomaceae)Poster: Reproductive ProcessesMesic, Matea; Schlessman, Mark.andromonoecious
PRP003July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualUsing Brassica rapa to quickly assess pollinator quantity and qualityPoster: Reproductive ProcessesVan Etten, Megan.Pollen limitation
Brassica rapa
plant-pollinator interactions
pollinator declines
PRP004July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualFloral and reproductive biology of Luehea grandiflora (Malvaceae) in a Brazilian SavannaPoster: Reproductive ProcessesPereira-Silva, Brenda ; De Paula, Livia Maria; Carvalho-Leite, Ludimila Juliele; Martins-Morais, Paulo Wesley; Machado-Santos, Pedro Henrique; Paulino-Neto , Hipólito Ferreira.Alogamy
bat pollination
Brazilian Savanna
Breeding System
floral morphology
floral longevity
reproductive biology
pollination biology
Floral biology
Luehea grandiflora
reproductive success
PRP005July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualReproductive phenology, floral morphology and floral visitors of Attalea geraensis,a neotropical palm in a fragmente of Brazilian Cerrado Poster: Reproductive ProcessesSouza , Marcela Faria; Santos, Pedro Henrique Machado ; Silva, Brenda Pereira; De Paula, Livia Maria; Carreño, Javier Isnardo ; Paulino-Neto , Hipólito Ferreira.Arecaceae
Brazilian Savanna
beetle pollination
population dynamics
reproductive success
PRP006July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualAnther morphology and abiotic factors affect pollen presentationPoster: Reproductive ProcessesRodriguez, Rosa; Wolfe, Andi; Kubatko, Laura.pollen presentation theory
Anther morphology
PRP007July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualFruit set, mineral nutrition, and herbivory, but not mating, affect male flower production in andromonoecious Polanisia dodecandra subsp. trachyspermaPoster: Reproductive ProcessesSchlessman, Mark; Lee, Kevin; Perkins, Carrie; Harrington, Margaret.andromonoecy
PRP008July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualChemical ecology and reproductive biology of Annona cornifolia (Annonaceae) in a Brazilian SavannaPoster: Reproductive ProcessesCARVALHO-LEITE , LUDIMILA JULIELE ; DÁLIA-MAIA , ARTUR CAMPOS ; Paulino-Neto , Hipólito Ferreira.beetle pollination
floral volatiles
scent chemistry
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
Pollen limitation
reproductive success
Breeding System
Annona cornifolia
PRP009July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualPlant Clones of the Northern Sonoran Desert: Abundance, Relative Cover, and AdaptationsPoster: Reproductive ProcessesHaberkorn, Matt.
PRP010July 30th 5:00 pmVirtual/VirtualHow do solitary bee taxa vary in their contribution to the male fitness of a mate-limited prairie perennial, Echinacea angustifolia?Poster: Reproductive ProcessesNicole Incarnato , Miyauna Monique; Pearson, Avery; Stevens, Mia; Johnson, Ren; Zelman, Ezekiel; Jackson, Evan; Ison, Jennifer.pollination
Echinacea angustifolia
tallgrass prairie
plant-pollinator interactions
reproductive ecology
male fitness
pollinator efficiency
native bee

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