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Presentations for Program:: Mechanisms of rapid adaptation through the expression of “heterogenomicity”

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Thursday, July 30th

Thursday, July 30th, 3:00 pm to 5:15 pm · Virtual/Virtual
Session COL06: Colloquium: Mechanisms of rapid adaptation through the expression of “heterogenomicity”
Presiding: Margaret Frank, Cornell University; Michael McKain, University Of Alabama
July 30th 3:00 pmVirtual/VirtualIntroduction
COL06002July 30th 3:15 pmVirtual/VirtualThe “symbiomics” of hornwort-cyanobacteria interaction: from community assembly, genomic diversity, to genetic regulationColloquium PresentationsLi, Fay-Wei.symbiosis
COL06003July 30th 3:45 pmVirtual/VirtualRootstock effects on shoot system phenotypes in a hybrid grape vineyardColloquium PresentationsHarris, Zachary; Klein, Laura; Migicovsky, Zoe; Chitwood, Dan; Fennell, Anne; Ma, Qin; Kovacs, Laszlo; Kwasniewski, Misha; Londo, Jason; Miller, Allison.Grafting
Comprehensive Phenotying
COL06004July 30th 4:00 pmVirtual/VirtualTransposable elements shape the transcriptional landscape in woodland strawberryColloquium PresentationsAlger , Elizabeth I.subgenome dominance
transposable elements
COL06005July 30th 4:15 pmVirtual/VirtualStudy on mechanism of hetero graftingColloquium PresentationsNotaguchi, Michitaka.Grafting
Interfamily grafting
July 30th 4:30 pmVirtual/VirtualDiscussion

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