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For From Genes to Distributions: physiological ecology as an integrator of polyploid biology

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adaptation (1 Abstract)
allopolyploidy (1 Abstract)
colchicine treatment (1 Abstract)
common gardens (1 Abstract)
Ecological niche modeling (1 Abstract)
Ecophysiology (1 Abstract)
Ferns (1 Abstract)
fitness (1 Abstract)
Fragaria (1 Abstract)
functional traits (2 Abstracts)
genome size (1 Abstract)
Leaf anatomy (1 Abstract)
microhabitat data (1 Abstract)
Nutrient assay (1 Abstract)
phenotypic plasticity (1 Abstract)
plant mapping (1 Abstract)
polyploidy (4 Abstracts)
quantitative trait loci (1 Abstract)
Resource Economics Spectrum (1 Abstract)
Saxifragaceae (1 Abstract)
synthetic polyploids (1 Abstract)
trait correlations (1 Abstract)
wild polyploids (1 Abstract)

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