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You are invited to submit a proposal to lead a field trip and show off your state to fellow botanists and friends attending Botany 2020.

Proposals due December 2, 2019   

Submission form

Some helpful information:

Ideal dates: Saturday, July 18, Sunday, July 19, Thursday,  July 23 or multi-day day trip before or after the conference.

Examples of previous field trips descriptions:

Insurance: All participants sign a waiver indicating they are responsible for themselves. Participants are covered by BSA insurance as long as the field trip is fully organized by the Conference. If you want to organize a field trip independently be aware that you'll need to think about alternative coverage, perhaps through your society.

Transportation: Buses are the default mode of transportation and will be booked by the conference as soon as we have the field trips organized. Please consider that when choosing locations.  If you are booking alternate transportation please make this clear.  Traditionally we use school buses as they are considerably less expensive…vans can be secured but they are more expensive.  Depending on the length of the drive we may secure coaches - but they are considerably more expensive.

First aid: ideally field trip leaders will have basic first aid training. Buses typically include small first aid kits, but field trip leaders are encouraged to plan for anything.

Food: Box lunches and water will be arranged for you for all trips....Overnight trips should plan to provide breakfast and dinner - and will be reimbursed.

Information for field trip leaders:  Conference registration is not free for field trip leaders but they don’t need to attend the conference to lead a field trip and all trips must be self-sufficient in order to be a go.

Cost of the trip will include:

  • Transportation
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Box lunches
  • Water Bottles and Water
  • Collecting fees, park entrance fees and etc.
  • Lodging and meals - if overnight - and to include accommodations for the bus driver
  • 15% contingency fund for who knows what and includes “bus guy” fees.

Trips are priced out with a suggested 80% attendance based on the number suggested by the trip leader and will only go if they do not lose money!

Submission Form

Information needed for the form:

  • Trip name
  • Trip leader(s) name and contact information (address, email, phone)
  • Trip destination - exact address
  • Approximate mileage or duration of travel
  • Date and duration (1/2 day, full-day, multi-day)
  • Start time and end time
  • Special conditions (e.g., required footwear, clothing, rigor, rough terrain, heat, etc.)
  • Description of the location and/or attractions that can be used to entice potential participants!
  • Good descriptions will promote enrollment! Consider it an advertisement for your trip!
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants
  • Guidance around collecting possibilities
  • Special organizational requirements: required fees, reservations, registration or permits – please indicate what is required, costs to individuals and be clear about where we might be able to help and what you have got covered

In addition, please email images to be used in advertising and on the web (300 dpi hi-res) to





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