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349Variation in floral traits across taxonomic and geographic scales as a model for species divergence in CastillejaMolecular EcologyWenzell, Katherine; McDonnell, Angela; Fant, Jeremie; Skogen, Krissa.polymorphic traits
geographic cline
species boundaries
instraspecific variation
gene flow
Natural Selection
234Variation in plant responses to grasshopper herbivory among the cultivars of the introduced Miscanthus sinensisEcologyAvanesyan, Alina; Lamp, William.invasion ecology
Plant-Animal Interactions
plant tolerance
plant resistance
533Variation of transposable elements across Steinchisma hians (Poaceae) populations in the Southeastern USAComparative Genomics/TranscriptomicsDeb, Sontosh; Lewis, Michelle; Jones, Sydney; Risman, Daniel; McKain, Michael.transposable elements
population genomics
herbarium specimens
chloroplast phylogenomics
757Violets (Violaceae) of the Great Plains and eastern North America: An overview, and a new websiteFloristics & TaxonomyBallard Jr, Harvey.Violaceae
regional treatments
integrative taxonomy

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