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IHSM La Mayora - CSIC (1 abstract)
IISER Bhopal, Near Bhauri Village, Bhopal (2 abstracts)
Illinois Natural History Survey (5 abstracts)
IMBIV, CONICET- National University of Córdoba (1 abstract)
Imperial College (2 abstracts)
Indian Institute of Science (1 abstract)
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal (1 abstract)
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal (7 abstracts)
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (1 abstract)
Indiana University (1 abstract)
Indonesian Institute of Sciences (2 abstracts)
Indonesian Institute of Sciences Jakarta (1 abstract)
INECOL (1 abstract)
INRAE (1 abstract)
Institut de recherche en biologie vegetale (2 abstracts)
Institute for sustainable agriculture (1 abstract)
Institute of Agricultural Sciences (1 abstract)
Institute of Biology (4 abstracts)
Institute Of Botany (1 abstract)
Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences (3 abstracts)
Institute of Botany, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (1 abstract)
Institute of Ecology and Evolution (1 abstract)
Institute of Forestry (1 abstract)
Instituto Agronômico de Campinas (1 abstract)
Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (1 abstract)
Instituto de Biologia UNAM (1 abstract)
Instituto De Biologia, UNAM (4 abstracts)
Instituto de Biologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (2 abstracts)
Instituto de Botánica Darwinion (2 abstracts)
Instituto de Botanica Darwinion (1 abstract)
Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Universidade Federal de Minas Gera (1 abstract)
Instituto de Ciências e Tecnologia das Águas & Herbário HSTM, Unive (1 abstract)
Instituto De Ecologia, A.C. (2 abstracts)
Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro (1 abstract)
Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia Fluminense (1 abstract)
Instituto Monteverde (1 abstract)
Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (1 abstract)
Instituto Politécnico Nacional (1 abstract)
Instituto Politcnico Nacional (1 abstract)
Integrated Tropical Peat Research Program, NUS Environmental Research (1 abstract)
International Institute of Tropical Forestry USDA-FS (1 abstract)
International WYNNBEAR Advanced Innovation (1 abstract)
International WYNNBEAR Advanced Innovation, China/US (2 abstracts)
Iowa State University (2 abstracts)
IPK Gatersleben (2 abstracts)
IRD France (1 abstract)

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