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Saint Louis Univ./Danforth Plant Science Center (3 abstracts)
Saint Louis University (10 abstracts)
Saint Louis University/Danforth Plant Science Center (4 abstracts)
Saint Mary's College ( abstract)
Sam Houston State University (3 abstracts)
San Diego Natural History Museum (1 abstract)
San Diego State University (3 abstracts)
San Diego State University, San Diego California, United States (1 abstract)
San Francisco State University (7 abstracts)
San Francisco State Universtiy (1 abstract)
San Jose State University (5 abstracts)
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (6 abstracts)
School Of Integrative Plant Biology, Cornell University (1 abstract)
Scripps College (1 abstract)
Silliman University (1 abstract)
Smith College (1 abstract)
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (1 abstract)
Smithsonian Inst. National Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
Smithsonian Institute (1 abstract)
Smithsonian Institution (10 abstracts)
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (1 abstract)
Smithsonian NMNH (2 abstracts)
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (4 abstracts)
Smitrhsonian Institution (2 abstracts)
Soil and Water Conservation Foundation, Inc. (SWCFI) (1 abstract)
Soutern Illinois University (1 abstract)
South China Agricultural University (1 abstract)
South China Botanical Garden (3 abstracts)
South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy Of Sciences (3 abstracts)
South China Normal University (1 abstract)
South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (1 abstract)
South Dakota State University (9 abstracts)
Southern Cross University (1 abstract)
Southern Illinois University (4 abstracts)
Southern Mississippi University (1 abstract)
Southwestern Adventist University (4 abstracts)
St. Catherine University (1 abstract)
St. Edward's University ( abstract)
St. John's University ( abstract)
St. Louis University (1 abstract)
Stanford University (4 abstracts)
State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Wetland Ecology and V (1 abstract)
State Herbarium Of South Australia (2 abstracts)
State of Hawai‘i Department of Land and Natural Resources (1 abstract)
State University of New York at Cortland (1 abstract)
Stephen F. Austin State University (1 abstract)
Stockholm University (1 abstract)
Stonehill College (1 abstract)
Sun Yat-sen University (5 abstracts)
Sungkyunkwan University (2 abstracts)
Sungshin Univ. (1 abstract)
SUNY Cortland (1 abstract)
SUNY ESF (1 abstract)
Swedish University of Agricultural Science (1 abstract)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (1 abstract)
Swinburne University of Technology (1 abstract)
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL (1 abstract)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich (1 abstract)
Syracuse University (1 abstract)

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