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243Anatomical and photosynthetic plasticity in juvenile and adult leaves of Chusquea mollis L. G. Clark (Magnifoliae, Chusqueinae, Bambusae)EcophysiologyGonzalez, Jose Vicente; Ely, Francisca; Rada, Fermin.Ecophysiology
Leaf anatomy
Woody bamboos
Venezuelan Andes
56An Innovative Perspective on Food Security: Halophyte crops for the futureEcophysiologyGul, Bilquees.
332Capillary Electrophoresis Buffer Optimization for Plant Secondary Metabolite AnalysisEcophysiologyDavis, Rebekah; Davis, Kaleigh; Mason, Chase.Capillary Electrophoresis
Plant Tissue
Secondary Metabolites
Phytochemical Analysis
535Contributions of ecophysiological divergence to Neotropical plant diversityEcophysiologyAshlock, Sarah.Ecophysiology
Tropical Biology
common garden
576Correlation in plant volatile metabolites: physiochemical properties as a proxy for enzymatic pathways and an alternative metric of biosynthetic constraintEcophysiologyDowell, Jordan; Mason, Chase.biosynthetic constraint
comparative methods
specialized metabolism
enzyme promiscuity
315Cotyledon stomatal density differentiation and quantitative genetic analysis of seedling traits in Impatiens capensis ecotypesEcophysiologyShapiro, Alex; Pena-Alfaro, Marisa; Farias, Lina; Hathaway, Ron; Heschel, M. Shane.Seedling
functional traits
734Drought stress reduces biomass and alters tissue water content in Silene latifoliaEcophysiologyRansone, Katherine; Steven, Janet.drought tolerance
tissue water content
Silene latifolia
aboveground biomass
Belowground Biomass
resource allocation
water stress
plant response
198Enhancing coastal sand dunes with a native woody vine: coastal ecotypes of Parthenocissus quinquefolia outperform inland ecotypes in salt spray and sand burial greenhouse experimentsEcophysiologyGage , Amy S; Handel, Steven; Popp, Eva; Flanders, Jenna.
845Foliar uptake and cuticular conductanceEcophysiologyHenry, Christian; Browne, Marvin; Sack, Lawren.trichomes
plant physiology
foliar uptake
280Host Tree Species is an Important Determinant of Corticolous Lichen Responses to Elevated CO2 and O3 after 10 Years Exposure in the ASPEN-FACEEcophysiologyNeufeld, Howard; Perkins, Fern.Lichens
climate change
Aspen FACE
carbon dioxide
354Inbreeding reduces seed germination of the Neotropical riverweed Marathrum foeniculaceum (Podostemaceae)EcophysiologyRodriguez, Arantza; Castillo, Raul; Collazo-Ortega, Margarita.Inbreeding
233Intervessel pit membrane thickness functionally explains best the differences in embolism formation in stems amongst Arabidopsis thaliana accessionsEcophysiologyThonglim, Ajaree; Delzon, Sylvain; Larter, Maximilian; Karimi, Omid; rahimi, Arezoo; Offringa, Remko; Keurentjes, Joost J. B. ; Balazadeh, Salma; Smets, Erik; Lens, Frederic.Arabidopsis thaliana
embolism resistance
intervessel pit membrane thickness
stem anatomy
xylem hydraulics
424Leaf indument and water in mangrove trees – is it a love-hate relationship?EcophysiologyEwers, Frank; Lopez-Portillo, Jorge; Angeles, Pedro G.; Mendez-Alonzo, Rodrigo.trichome
water stress
black mangrove
Avicennia germinans
680Leaf traits in succulent and non-succulent plants show both similar constraints and divergent strategies in water storage and resources useEcophysiologyMozzi, Giacomo; Hultine, Kevin; Crivellaro, Alan.Succulence
Leaf traits
Leaves economic spectrum
423Morphological and functional leaf trait responses to experimental drought in Pacific Northwest grasslandsEcophysiologyDawson, Hilary Rose; Maxwell, Toby; Bridgham, Scott; Reed, Paul; Silva, Lucas.
760Nitrogen acquisition strategy and photosynthetic demand drive allocation responses in cotton and soybeanEcophysiologyWaring, Elizabeth; Perkowski, Evan; Smith, Nicholas.Nitrogen fertilzation
Photosynthetic demand
Photosynthetic optimization theory
Resource acquistion
816Plant hydraulics and height of Viburnum across climate gradientsEcophysiologySegovia-Rivas, AlĂ­; Olson, Mark; Donoghue, Michael; Edwards, Erika; Rosell, Julieta; Anfodillo, Tommaso; Moeglein, Morgan.vessel widening (conduit taper)
climate change
wood anatomy
vulnerability to embolism
595Plasticity, not genetic differentiation, drives trait-environment relationships in Neotropical understory herbsEcophysiologyAvila-Lovera, Eleinis; Ashlock, Sarah; Vargas, Oscar M; Funk, Jennifer; Kay, Kathleen M; Goldsmith, Gregory R.Ecophysiology
functional traits
phylogenetic signal
183Polyploidy underlies morphological and ecological diversity in the taxonomically difficult Viburnum dentatum species complex of eastern North AmericaEcophysiologyBaniaga, Anthony; Spriggs, Elizabeth; Edwards, Erika; Donoghue, Michael.polyploidy
Cytotype Coexistence
Coastal Islands
Viburnum dentatum
307Strategies Utilized by Pinus coulteri and Pinus attenuata for Surviving at Low Elevations in the San Bernardino Mountains EcophysiologyOngjoco, Anna Jiselle; Bobich, Edward; Ewers, Frank; Questad, Erin.Ecophysiology
672The consequence of intraspecific trait variation and co-variation for plant performance in the South African shrub genus, Protea (Proteaceae)EcophysiologyNolting, Kristen; Holsinger, Kent.functional traits
instraspecific variation
trait combinations
South Africa
365The impact of hemiparasite Cassytha on native and introduced host speciesEcophysiologyRosli, Roshanizah; Metali, Faizah; Musselman, Lytton; Tennakoon, Kushan.Cassytha
Invasive species
Host-parasite interaction
333The photosynthetic effects of Mojave Desert sun on Syntrichia caninervisEcophysiologyEkwealor, Jenna; Clark, Theresa; Dautermann, Oliver; Russel, Alexander; Ebrahimi, Sotodeh; Stark, Llo; Niyogi, Krishna; Mishler, Brent.
305Untangling the micronutrient status and defense responses in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda)EcophysiologyLim-Hing , Simone; Gandhi, Kamal JK; Barnes, Brittany F; Morrison, Lawrence A; McCarty, Elizabeth; Villari, Caterina.plant resistance
micronutrient deficiency
fungal pathogens
plant physiology
539Warming Enhanced Water and Nutrient Deficits of Wild BlueberriesEcophysiologyZhang, Yongjiang.climate change
water use
Crop physiology
Wild blueberry

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