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9Ace it! - Give a Better TalkConference WideKirchoff, Bruce.
17A Digital Flora of North America for a Digital Age: An Interactive Session with the Flora of North AmericaConference WidePender, Jocelyn.
7de novo genome assembly and annotation with an emphasis on evolutionary and population genetic studiesConference WideLandis, Jacob.
19Disentanglement of rings: a practical introduction to assembling plastomes and mitogenomes from NGS and LRS dataConference WideJin, JianJun.
11Introduction to High-Throughput Sequencing: Techniques, Applications, and AnalysisConference WideSutherland, Brittany.
12Multi-dimensional instruction in Botany using the Four-Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) Framework: How to transform lessonsConference WidePrevost, Luanna.
13Phylotranscriptomic analyses: using RNA-seq data in phylogenetic reconstruction and evolutionary analysesConference WideYang, Ya.
878So you want a job in 2020?: Approaching a changing job market as a postdocConference WideConway, Stephanie.
5Teaching Online Botany Laboratory for Non-majorsConference WideMontgomery, Benjamin; Farrah, Kate.
82The promises and perils of pigments: quantifying color in plantsConference WideWhittall, Justen; Narbona, Eduardo; Del Valle, Jose Carlos.
41Tips for Success: Applying to Graduate SchoolConference WideMonfils, Anna.
15Using Digitized Herbarium Data in Research: Applications for Ecology, Phylogenetics, and BiogeographyConference WideSoltis, Pamela.

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